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Experience and innovation – it’s what sets us apart from other owner/developers. We’ve successfully developed more than 100 properties across Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts, including both urban and suburban commercial developments as well as inner-city redevelopments that are valued at more than $1.0 billion.

F.H. French’s office buildings, medical office buildings, business parks, distribution facilities, biotechnology and industrial complexes provide evidence of our unique sensitivity to creating spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, marketable, appropriately scaled, and complimentary to the cultures of diverse communities.

With every project we undertake, whether we are developing a property for our own investment portfolio, as a joint venture or on behalf of a fee client, we stay focused from start to finish on increasing the asset’s value and ensuring a maximum return on investment. Our team of experienced professionals is known for its innovative design that brings a human element to our projects, precise execution that insures deliveries are on time and on a budget, as well as creative marketing that generates financial success.

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